Kris Reeck

Professional developer, systems administrator, infrastructure architecht, and tooling mastermind


Systems Administrator

A decade of experience deploying, managing, and securing remote server environments.
Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, Docker

DevOps Specialist

Professional craftsmanship of Continuous Integration & Deployment pipelines for software.
Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, Gitlab

Monitoring, alerting, tracing, benchmarking, and loadtesting as a first-class citizen.
SumoLogic, DataDog, Grafana, ElasticSearch, Apache JMeter

Infrastructure Architecht

Proven experience designing intelligent systems focused on efficiency and scalability.

Software Engineering

Professional experience developing applications using procedural and object oriented techniques with a focus on modern OO and TDD practices; Designed and crafted custom eCommerce applications, internal- and external-facing APIs, administration portals, and user-facing web applications.
Laravel 3/4/5, Symfony, CodeIgniter 2/3, Phalcon, NodeJS, Kohana, OpenCart, Magento, Zen Cart, Django, TYPO3

Custom tooling for bespoke administrative, reporting, and functional tasks in a variety of lanugages Python 2/3, GoLang, Groovy

Database Administration

Management, design, and interaction with database systems, ensuring integrity and quality of information transactions.
MySQL, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB, DynamoDB Sybase, Stored Procedures, Triggers

UI/UX Implementation

Extensive knowledge of current specifications and their implementation in the current web space with regards to browser compatibility; Use of CSS preprocessors to create meaningful, encapsulated, and reusable CSS.
LocalStorage, LESS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery UI, Pure, Iconography

Excellent grasp of JavaScript and popular libraries and their implementation to enhance end-user experience.
jQuery, YUI, Angular 1.x, TypeScript

Web Specialist

A core understanding of the inner-workings of a served web page and how to interact and manipulate with it accordingly.
Blade, Twig, Smarty, XSLT, SEO


Fundamental experience developing and interacting with various external applications and gateways to collect and send data in various formats.
PayPal, Intuit, Twitter, OAuth 2, FedEx, UPS, SendWithUs,, Stripe, SOAP, REST


General working knowledge of network interfaces, firewalls, and routing
UDP/TCP, Wireshark, DNS & domain record management, local network configuratio)

Work History


Kris Reeck

Freelance development and systems administration primarily focused in the AWS space. From cost management to security audits and infrastructure design, I have several years of professional experience that can tailor a solution to meet your goals.

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Jan 2008 - Present

Senior System Administrator

IDEXX Laboratories

Systems Administrator in a DevOps capacity supporting device and instrument software. Assist in systems architectural design and development workflows within the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

Jan 2018 - Present

Senior Developer

By The Pixel, LLC

Senior PHP developer and mentor responsible for SDL of existing and new web applications in an Agile development environment. Maintained legacy applications, developed new services, participated in committees, and provided delivery forecasts.

December 2014 - Jan 2018

Project Architect

Device Vault

With coordination of company executives and their clients, created a team of developers to implement a platform for controlling devices from a web portal. Developed multiple PHP-based applications and APIs, managed multiple server environments, set development standards, and organized project directions.

Feb 2013 - December 2014

PHP Developer

Osborn Wireless

Managed an existing, and developed a new eCommerce site for the sale, cataloging, and shipment of mobile accessories.

Dec 2012 - Feb 2013

PHP Developer

Centrix Networks

Development of a PHP-based VOIP SaaS application and management portal.

Sept 2012 - Dec 2012


AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Certified
April 2018


Programming Languages & Tools

Here's a bunch of font icons for things I know how to use